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What are problematic sexual behaviors in youth?

Apply obtained knowledge about problematic sexual behaviors in youth into your practice (e.g., identify when mandated reporting is necessary, make appropriate referrals for further assessment and treatment, provide families information on what is normative and potentially problematic sexual behaviors in youth); learn how to better assess the behavior and implement brief intervention to address behavior. […]

Grooming & Enhancing Online Safety

Apply knowledge of grooming strategies to identify potential child victims; Share information about online safety. RSVP to register!

Gun Violence 101

Gun violence is a complex problem — but elevating our collective knowledge about how it persists is the first step toward prevention. RSVP to register!

Reprograming Your DNA to Heal Trauma, Illness and Relationships

Once believed fixed and unchangeable, the new science shows us that your DNA is pliable and responds to thoughts, emotions, and the environment. Understanding this relationship opens an entirely new access point for healing physical, mental, and emotional ills.   Registration Required!

988 in Delaware: Expanding the Behavioral Health Crisis Service Continuum

"9-8-8 was launched nationwide in July 2022 as the new 3-digit hotline for mental health and suicide crisis. In this workshop, the speakers will overview the history, significance, and current progress in implementing 988 in Delaware. They will also discuss how Delaware is creating a robust behavioral health crisis care continuum of tomorrow." Registration Required!


Brain Architecture Game (May 23 and May 29)

This interactive training is designed to provide a baseline understanding of brain development and how it is impacted both by resilience and by trauma. You may join us on ONE of the following dates: May 23rd or May 29th Registration Required!   Presented by: Nancy McGee & Cynthia Jones Community Healing Co-Chairs Trauma Matters Delaware