Stress Trauma

The results of trauma often linger in our lives, minds, and bodies long past the traumatic event itself. In many cases, this results in unmanaged stress... learn more

Wellness Wednesday Tip: Healthy Habits

Welcome to the second Wellness Wednesday in honor of Trauma Awareness Month. We hope these tips provide you with ideas and resources to build your... learn more

Taking Care Of You: A Guide to Self-Care for Human Service Workers

Taking care of all aspects of yourself will increase the likelihood that you stay well. Learn about some tips on how to care for yourself. In this video,... learn more

Blocked Care : What is it and what do we do about it

Learn how blocked care and trust are developed by a child or a certain person. This video explains how we can avoid them and how to support others or help... learn more

Race to the Bottom: A Different Conversation

Racism has long been a part of humans and it is trauma itself, and that hurts deeply. Dr. J and Eliza share their experiences here and how to overcome... learn more

Trauma 101 : FINAL Trauma Matters Delaware Talk

Any traumatic event—from a personal tragedy to a global crisis—can take an emotional toll and cause traumatic stress. Learn about what is trauma, its... learn more

Off the the RACES, we must go!

We must always go on and let us deal with our crisis in front of us. And don’t forget that all of our lives matter, no matter what color we... learn more

10 Best F’ing Medicine In Town

Dr. J from Trauma Matters Delaware shares about the 10 best effective medicine we have in town. Amidst these troubling times (global pandemic)... learn more

The Role of Art-Making in Trauma Treatment and Self-Care

The role of art therapy in trauma treatment. Discover ways that you can engage in art-making on your own assist with anxiety and stress relief, by using... learn more

State of the Trauma-Informed State Webinar for Trauma Awareness Month 2021

State of the Trauma-Informed State Webinar for Trauma Awareness Month 2021 learn more

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