Off the the RACES, we must go!

We must always go on and let us deal with our crisis in front of us. And don’t forget that all of our lives matter, no matter what color we have. Dr. J shares with us the best practices, good ideas, or great suggestions on how to support other races.

About the speaker:
Dr. Julius Mullen, Ed.D., is the Chief Clinical Officer at Children & Families First. Julius is a nationally certified counselor and licensed to practice mental health in the state of Delaware. He is recognized as an expert in trauma informed care where he a national trainer for PACES Connection, leads CFF’s Brain Science Training Institute and has presented to thousands of professionals/parents/youth about the impact of trauma. As an Adjunct Professor for Wilmington University, Julius teaches across several departments including the doctorate of prevention science program. Julius has also co-authored two children’s books focused on overcoming trauma and toxic stress.

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