Trauma-Informed Approaches Coach

Position Description and Responsibilities

A Trauma-informed Approach (TIA) Coach will be part of an organizational change management initiative, as organizations become trauma-informed.  

TIA Coaches will provide information about trauma and toxic stress, healing and resilience, and trauma informed approaches in addition to consultation regarding the application of TIA principles and values in an organization. Coaches will use organizational assessment tools and other materials to guide the work. The goal is to engage the organization in the process of becoming TI and gaining confidence with using the TIA in their work. 

Coaches will have demonstrated experience and skill in the following areas: 

  • Engage in a consultative role with an organization to help identify specific sustainable goals and objectives to become more trauma-informed 
  • Design a mutually agreed upon and time-limited plan to reach those goals and objectives.
  • Offer suggestions and resources to help achieve the goals and objectives. 
  • Provide and receive feedback on the progress towards goals and objectives. 
  • Provide assistance to address barriers that may be encountered throughout the process.
  • Prepare a final report with lessons learned and future plans.

*Additional knowledge and skills might be needed depending on the situation and the type of organization. Applications are now open. 

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