Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival

The National Trauma Campaign has partnered with PACEs Connection and the Relentless School Nurse to host the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival. The films chosen for this series focus on generational, historical, racial, and vicarious trauma as well as individual-, community-, and systems-level healing and change. With the pandemic and collective efforts to address racial trauma and healing, we hope to stimulate collaborative conversations related to preventing and healing trauma and inspire trauma-informed change.

The next community discussion will center on the film Wrestling Ghosts, streaming for free on PACEs Connection on June 12th and 13th.

Joining us for the community conversation on June 15th at 7pm ET will be Ana Joanes, director/producer of Wrestling Ghosts, who is deeply dedicated to inspiring conscious action and systemic change through film.

To join in on the discussion, pre-register here!

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